Best Car Parking Game

I’ve been looking for a while for a good car parking game. I tried about 5 games and none of them was on my taste. I was looking for a car parking adventure to test my skills but also to have something interesting not boring. Finally I have decided to start looking also for car game, car parking game and zombie :).. And what a nice surprise.

I found Car Parking Zombie, a free android game that I love and I play almost each time when I have a few moments to spare. I love it because I can play with accelerometer and tap keys on the same time. I tried to play it only with accelerometer but it’s too complicate to handle it

Don’t hesitate! If you are looking for a good car parking game you must try this on Google Play. Enjoy and let me know your opinion about this!

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3 great Android Apps

Slice Ice! is a new game compatible with smartphones and tablets with the latest Android operating system 1.6. This game is about some penguins have to avoid the obstacles and accumulate as many points. The action takes place in areas with glaciers. As you advance all kinds of obstacles will arise that will prevent them from going to finish the game. The more you have fewer cuts ice will grow even more your points.

To have maximum points at the end of each level you have to have 3 stars and as you advance will unlock different options and you have several to several points. The game has 165 levels divided into 11 different worlds. Take care and focus on the game fun to collect as many points and to save the king penguins. Probably one of the best android apps I installed in my phone is a new game compatible with smartphones and tablets with the latest Android operating system 1.6. This game is about some penguins have to avoid the obstacles and accumulate as many points. The action takes place in areas with glaciers. As you advance all kinds of obstacles will arise that will prevent them from going to finish the game. The more you have fewer cuts ice will grow even more your points. To have maximum points at the end of each level you have to have 3 stars and as you advance will unlock different options and you have several to several points. The game has 165 levels divided into 11 different worlds. Take care and focus on the game fun to collect as many points and to save the king penguins. Probably one of the best android


Application “Shazam” identify the singer and the song recording only a portion of it. If you like a song on the radio and do not know who sings it and what is called tap the “Touch to Shazam” and find out instantly.

The application can find the name of any song in a few seconds and if you do not have an internet connection “Shazam” can record and save musical fragments that you need to identify the artist and track name, and when you have an internet connection, you can upload these fragments.

Shazam has function “Friends” being able to log on to Facebook and see what songs they watch tag your friends on Facebook. You can vistit the next link if you want to find more Android Apps

Best Android Apps – BS Player

Today smartphones are becoming more and more advanced every day and playing video sites HD or Full HD as normal for such a device. To play a video, you can use the application provided by Android or a dedicated video player such as BSPlayer. Most Android apps are usually free but if you want quality you have to pay

BSPlayer is recommended to use a dedicated video player because it has more functions more complex than that offered by phone.

It is among the best video player for Android, providing support for most video and audio formats, besides that allows you to add subtitles or to search the Internet.

You can either play video hardware decoding, so you’ll save battery and increase your speed or software. It is preferable to use hardware decoding for videos run smoothly, and of course it depends on your smartphone that you have.

BSPlayer can play video content directly over Wi-Fi network shared folders without having to copy the files on the card. It allows video sites running in a separate window for other applications open.

Steam can select desired audio track if a video contains several audio CDs steam.

You can find free BSPlayer (BSPlayer Free) or at a price of $ 5.99.

 What it’s Android and when he appeared?
Well as you know ,Android it’s a operation system for smart-phones , like windows for pc-s. Android it’s more helpful than last softwares, because it’s more faster than latest versions like Symbian or IOS. He appeared in 2007 in phone shops, now almost every phones contains Android like operation system. The most important factor is the corporation that has contributed greatly to the establishment Android,named Open Handset Alliance. Since the aparition of phones with Android software, alot of people wanted to be first who bough first. Well people think the Android is much better than IOS from Iphone, because the price phones who contains IOS it’s bigger than Android phones,that’s the reason why people like Androidmuch than IOS.
Waiting your opppinion related to Android!


From Paris with Love: French Roulette

Roulette is one of the all-time classics! This entertaining casino game has been a staple in European casinos since the 1600s and remains as popular today as ever. Players are drawn to the vibrancy and majesty of the game, and with good reason. French Roulette is particularly regal in terms of its appeal and standing among casino goers. From inception to cashout, the game brings French flair to players wherever they are. Terrific payouts are the order of the day with French Roulette – it’s played and loved by players everywhere.

Play French Roulette Online

This exciting game features many similarities with European Roulette in that 37 numbers are visible on the wheel. These include numbers 0 – 36. Unlike American Roulette which features a 00, this game stays true to the classic style. As a result, the house edge is dramatically reduced from 5.26% of American Roulette to 2.70%. But there’s a whole lot more in store for players with French Roulette. A unique set of rules makes it easier for players to enjoy better odds on their favourite casino table game.

play french roulette

play french roulette

Spin the Wheel & Win for Real

The game sports French words and French style, but it’s easy enough for anyone to understand. French Roulette rules make it simple for anyone to play – you simply place wagers on where you anticipate the ball will land. There are inside bets and outside bets. The former category features higher payouts with lower overall odds of occurring while the outside  bets feature higher payout rates with lower overall payouts. For example, you can hit paydirt when an individual number comes good – that’s worth 35:1 for players.

Another great bet is a bet on even-money when Zero lands. Unlike all other forms of roulette, the La Partage rule makes it possible for you to only lose 50% of your even-money wagers in this case. The minimum bet in the game is 1p, so anyone can afford to play real-money French Roulette. The game is festooned with classic beauty – just the way traditional players like it. Polished mahogany and rich hues bring this timeless classic to life in real time.

From Paris with Love

All the bells and whistles you’ve come to expect from a top-tier casino game are available with French Roulette. Players can easily see their table coverage with the total value of bets shown. A series of advanced options is available too, with autoplay functionality standard in the game. It has often been said that to be a winner, you simply need to take a chance and this game is packed with plenty of winning potential.

What are the most beautiful memories related to poker?

What are the most beautiful memories related to poker? Mine is definitely one that I will not forget too soon, is linked to a small friendly game of poker with many friends of mine that play every day without money and without discussion between us. It was like playing 10 games, and then the loser will always lead to the beer until we finish the game play.

So I thought I let him win a few times, and then I count on your luck you can clear it but I knew that I had so much luck that day. I’d come in hand 3, and we had 1 K, I was very surprised that I had good cards cards from the first hand. Seeing something that I said that if you lose the hand, 2 weeks from the day I go every day and I will do all my boys shopping. Well of course accepted this proposal without but maybe. I waited to see who will be the last book and then surprise, AS. I was close and I told them to go to the beer then they would not, then what we saw and were amazed at how lucky I’ve been to in the 2nd hand to end the game! Of you that is the most beautiful memories related to poker?

For every poker player.

Many players who are experienced and play poker for a long time and especially, plays money poker  is saying that some of them can not live without, without which you can not wake up in the morning. Some nights are to wake up to prepare new tactics in order to train your mind and body for any challenges. Many have very sharp senses and I know when I lose but others fall into place very easily be distracted and rushed.

It is hard when you are betrayed by your cards when you think you win, but it really is not that you lose not because of luck but because you leave, for others it is an advantage and could not wait to sit on the prowl to make such a twist game. Poker game is called mind, being particularly coordinated mind, that is to say it is better to be rested and clear your mind when you try to do something because fatigue affects your brain only thinks so clear and you lose lot because of this. So try to be calm and even temper piedeti not. Good luck.!

What represent poker for me.

What is poker for me?
Poker entered my blood since a very young age about 13 years old when I saw that all the older boys were playing poker in front of the building. I do not know what it is but I have left them sitting next to me and I look to learn. In a few days since I started liking and watching me and one of them gave me the opportunity to try it myself to play. He sat next to me and advised me how to play. It was a new experience that when I can I will always repeat. The beauty here is that poker is very complex, and the part of your mind is stimulated. If clear thinking is difficult to make decisions that may decide the fate of the match. Poker is like a sport where we all practice but no one really manages to get up only very patient, only the best will survive.

It is a matter of the massive thing about focus on one thing. So that it becomes your priority and may even end up being the most important. Poker on me personally helps me forget about the other issues that I have and I relax. I feel like floating with books. The lure attracts you more than trying to make you stay with them for much longer. So the poker world is a world where you can really learn a lot and help you enormously to about focus. Not necessarily focus on poker but focus on external things.

How to become a good poker player?

How to become a good poker player?
Many believe that if you look at how others play cards or if you read reports experiences of players can become like them. But what they do not know is that and how to  become a good player. To become great you need more repetition and more games played. There’s an old saying that mother teaching is repetition. So to become very good it takes a lot of repetition. Many hours spent with books in hand made ​​and written ideas can to remember them better, more books studied.

So I can focus but you need to eat plenty of rest to stimulate your brain and the most important thing but if there is it may be disturbing element of tranquility. Silence is the most important factor because it is the one that helps you focus. Search for clear thinking do not you think you’ll lose, think positive and not think about the amount of money you bet until then, how you lose, think about how you will win if you play correctly. There are only a few rules to help you become the best. Remember something , be calm and watch over time to understand what happen. I wish u good luck and best of regards.

How I started playing poker?

When I started playing poker?
Well my life has been a long line of stories very funny and sometimes very happy and sometimes even funny. But as always in everyone’s life is not all rosy. One day when I got home I saw my parents very sad. I wonder what’s with them and I asked them but did not want to call me. Long after I said finally. Remained out of work, did not want to make me worried because I did not want to affect my school situation. Then I told her to look for work to help how mine. I found nothing only work in a casino as a dealer. Day evening I went to school and went to work. Managed to make life easier, but they would not let me dc me to continue this service. Then I retired and I started playing poker. I had one of the great players around him and taught me all the tricks of the game. I managed to become one of the best poker players around me. Then I enrolled in a tournament where registration was free and you could earn a lot by following him. But this event gathered many players with a lot of experience. I was still an amateur and frankly I was afraid of what you’ll encounter. But it was not so scary. I managed to cope and have reached the final, the winner taking $ 100,000 and the 2nd place get $ 50,000 I got to the last hand I had budgeted $ 100 and I zs all or nothing. I had 2 pairs and look forward to the next book. My opponent, and put it all in, I got the 3rd book and FULL surprise, he had 2 pairs I took everything with a very light hand not know much. I do not know how to react. I came home with a lot of money, and my parents were dazed and did not know what to do how to ask me where I got them where I did get it and then I explained the whole story. And then the game continues.

May poker start

How I started playing poker for money.
For the beginning I just played poker with friends, colleagues and on the internet online, but after a while heard that they earn very well from him and I decided to try playing for money. For the beginning played with friends as very small amounts that did not have a huge budget money. I played with them and after much effort I managed to win all my money + others that had taken the winners. Then I caught walking, how to play how to do not lose and even when to stop. I continued like this for a long time but after a while I decided to go to a real casino game with experienced players, where even if I could while I could lose and gain. If you do not earn money, gain experience with big players.

I sat at a table for beginners like me and we had to play. Lost about always, I was nearly bankrupt when I noticed their reactions to all players. Some were very crisp that seem very much and had no books to win. When I saw this I decided to give All In. There was nothing to lose, and besides I have just put another 3 PLAYER. And I won it leaving only one at the table that we had won 3 rounds later. After I finished the game and when mam up from the table he came to me and said how I managed to get all those books then do not say I wanted to remain my secret, which may in the future it will further. So that was my story about poker.

About Poker WORLD

All you need to know about poker you enter his world.
Poker and other gambling casinos are part of the world is a game that is based on luck and a lot of perseverence. To be a good player requires patience and skill and it is not the least important element luck. But luck can be backfire very quickly without knowing why and when. To be successful in fighting other players need a lot of emotions but calm mastery necessary to overcome any difficult phase of a poker game.

Emotions and fear that you will lose should be hidden because they are the best items that you give away and those mistakes that can make you lose. It indicated a very slight status inside you indifferent even if you’re afraid, the outside has to be tough and not let it penetrate disturbing elements. You have to look at books and think they are your friends and you always come when you most need, even if sometimes it’s going to lose your luck and you should not blame yourself for losing. Many people say that after losing dealer was at fault or that the cards were rigged, but do not blame them or luck. I always lose why not be the same and will not be the true.
Other poker players when it comes to say that win very easily and very large amounts. A little trick is based on the stake everything they have won by then even if not very dangerous books in hand. But this version is the most dangerous for the opponent may have better cards than you and you can lose everything, but there is a word of ancient ancestors never ventured nothing gained.